16 ene. 2009

people always leave

bien hace rato ke no me paso por aqui asi que hoy traigo una prosa que hice en base a unos titulos de canciones :d es para un mixtape :D

hey well i’ll begin to say this is the mixtape for you bibis, so hear you me my friend this is the story of a girl, so damn nice even godzila will turn human, just to have the right to say i gotta have you, and no this is not a new american classic, is just the feeling of something new, it’s like have another chance, like if you’ve been in a funeral where your ex-lover is dead and after that you stop your heart crying out loud just to feel the gold on the afternoon, the golden raylights losing his bright in the dusk, just seconds before nine in the afternoon, and all you want to do is fly, fly away through the sun, so just get cape, wear cape, fly, rest in the sky hanging by a moment, as you learn all the desperate songs, flying away where someone is looking for another girl another planet, is what he said all that i’ve got, i need to move along, just to land on the great salt lake the place where you hear that beatiful beat, beating over and over again in your head, is just a whispering saying sweet sweet sleep

Espero que descubran cuales canciones son :D

1 Comentarios Aki :

  1. cherry_lips dijo...

    la akabo de ver!
    esta bien padre
    me muero x mi mixtape!!

As we strain to gasp the things we desire the things we think will make our lives better: money, popularity, fame...we ignore what truly matters ... the simple things... like friendship, family, love. The things we probably already had.

Mientras tratamos de conseguir las cosas que mas deseamos, las cosas que pensamos que haran nuestra vida mejor; como dinero, popularidad, fama... ignoramos lo que deverdad importa ... las cosas mas simples... como amistad, familia, amor.
Las cosas que probablemente ya tenemos.

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