1 abr. 2009


The Rain begins to fall again,
and I’m stuck in the floor,
cuz I’m still Under your spell
I guess i cant forgive you know

I remember that days over my house
Watching you jumping around
Running up the hills, one more laugh
And ill be touched for life

But I can move cuz I’m stuck
In this place where you left me
What happened to my life
I don’t know where I lose it

Nothing was important around us
When you were around, only you
The time moved the seconds slowly
When you were next to me

The greatest bands of years ago
One more singing your favourite song
You used to say, don’t make plans
Don’t effort too mucho just make me feel

Now I watch the pictures falling from the wall
And I understand those words you told me
It was nothing close to be here
Cuz now its hard to make it real

Maybe tonight I will make my heart heal
Were those three words what break it apart
I love you, and I just heard one shy Ok
My mind fly away to the middle of nowhere

And maybe you break it
But its time for me to bend it
Why always feel like saying goodbye
Everybody knows that there’s no solution
But not everybody got what they want
Why should I be glad with that decision

I just want to be up in my roof for tonight
After the blue skies turn into a selfish night
Is just I don’t want to say goodbye
And I want leave this place forever
I don’t care if I have to run is just I don’t care
I just don’t want you to tied my foots
Let me run away with you, and have a life forever

Or just leave me if you are to scared to stay
You had that question on your face once again
Why should I stay if you always count the time
Its time to have a cup of coffee and start to forget
Just never came back this way your faith turn you away
Take your car and drive far away to never comeback again
Cuz this time it will be not me the one who says GOODBYE

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As we strain to gasp the things we desire the things we think will make our lives better: money, popularity, fame...we ignore what truly matters ... the simple things... like friendship, family, love. The things we probably already had.

Mientras tratamos de conseguir las cosas que mas deseamos, las cosas que pensamos que haran nuestra vida mejor; como dinero, popularidad, fama... ignoramos lo que deverdad importa ... las cosas mas simples... como amistad, familia, amor.
Las cosas que probablemente ya tenemos.

Her Morning Elegance /by Oren Lavie